Thinking Enough to Power a Building

I am glad to have found t his blog.  I'm a super over thinker.  I'm 31 and sometimes even go back and rethink high school situations.   I rethink  and overthink most situations in mylife.  I don't think I'm crazy , but this makes me very unsettled and even unhappy at times.  I also tend to care what other think and then analyze their observations.

I have say I'm glad its not just me.  I look forward  to talking with you.
danthink danthink
31-35, M
1 Response Jul 1, 2007

Hi Danthink,<br />
I definitely struggle with the same thing.<br />
<br />
For me, if all of my overthinking made me gain valuable knowledge that I would otherwise miss out on, then I could be happy, but honestly, I think that most of it is just fruitless, and more just never-ending loops that only cause me stress and certainly bring me no clarity on a solution. <br />
All to often, in my case, the oversaturation gets in the way of me getting things done at the right time, or getting things done at all, because I intellectualize too much and comparitively put little time into what I am actually supposed to be doing. I really wish I had more control and was more realistic!...