I've Been Thinking...

I think too much. I overthink anything and everything from the smallest, most insignificant thing to major decisions and problems in the world and society. I have thought of an endless amount of possibilities for every situation imaginable. I spend a huge amount of my time contemplating ideas and situations and problems. Sometimes I wish I could have a switch, so I'd be able to stop hearing all my thoughts constantly.
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STOP i use to now people are dead, you'll think u are doing the right thing then consequences come for changeing what was meant to be, people who overthink are called PROCASTINATORS and are rare as we thknk of every detail for a solution, try meditation and do something u would never do then u will understand

Damn ... I'm the complete opposite. I have depression and I think that one of the reasons is that I take any concept and just tear apart to smaller components to where everything just becomes insignificant ... it really sucks.

Wow Gias, You seem like an intelligent 16 yr old. Yes it is iscolating to your own extent. Like tbc, I am comfortable with thinking as I think most are not. I dont believe its difficult to interact with most, just aggrevating to keep things so shallow. But theres deeper thinkers out here so dont feel too alone. <br />
I am with you on the learning thing tbc. If I can not learn anything about it, it loses my interest. Not to compare myself to Einstien but when the "smart people" asked him what the square root of some big number was. He would say "I dont know, go look it up. Ask me something noone knows"

Agree, don`t think most people think too much about "deep" stuff, i find myself more and more aware that people look at me as kind of "crazy" because when i try to conversate it always ends up in a acknowleding nod, or their attention fading to something else, because noone ever seems to share my thought process. Which stings really bad, because im only 16, could have something to do with my past excessive weed smoking. <br />
<br />
I just find that somehow i don`t belong in this world, because even though humans are the most intelligent beings on earth, most of us dont waste our time thinking too much about needless stuff, and instead focus on the basic pleasures and needs we have.

I love to think and I do also find myself doing it too much. Or atleast thinking its too much. Is "too much" the point where when you want to stop, say for a break, you cant? Thats my definition anyway. I do know we are the minority. I dont think there is a lot of deep thinkers in the world. Everyone does it from time to time but they exaust them selves and then distract them selves to escape it.

Thanks for sharing liquid night. I am similar with thinking too. Is this ocd? i have been told i have obsessive compulsive disorder but when i read about it it seems to be all about washing hands too much or counting or checking things.

I think way too much.. I live my life in my head. It drives me crazy. I think of all kinds of wonderful ideas that sometimes I'll start or sometimes I won't, but I never finish- maybe that's just the Aries in me. I just sometimes find it hard to bridge that gap from mind to reality. I too get tired of hearing my thoughts, and I often have too many going on at once. I've found that weed helps me to fucus my thoughts and to slow down and at least hear them one at a time.

Try to focus on being rather than thinking. Try avoiding thinking about the past or the future, just enjoy the now.

to really come out of thinking write down your thoughts. <br />
take a paper and write the time and the thought.divert yur self. again when u get the thought note it down. divert your mind read somthing else or do anything . it really help you what actually are u thinking about and also that the thought will come out of u on to paper. makes u feel relaxed. good luck

people who think too much are thin.<br />
sometime too much thinking becomes a habit and make u preoccupied.