Internal Thinking

I know that I think too much..And it SUCKS! because I go into my own world and think about everything everything and I never express it and thats where I get into trouble.  The mind is a good thing but its been it because internal that it becomes dangerous!
AngelGraN AngelGraN
22-25, F
3 Responses Jul 23, 2007

is not good to share our thoughts people don't always handle it They take it to the heart and don't let go of it and you're all like it was a thought a brain fart Do not make that big of a deal right?

one thing about thinking too much is you start to confuse yourself and suddenly you start thinking of things that you would never dream of thinking that's how out of control it can get

My braın ıs always workıng overtime-even when ım sleepıng...Its so tırıng.... but the problem ıs ı cant any sleep!!

I do this too. I lay in bed at night and my brain won't shut off. Everything that's wrong in my life, how it's all my fault, how I can't figure out how to make it better.....and then sleep becomes elusive. And when I do finally get to sleep, there are the dreams. But that's a whole other thing. It is exhausting, and crazy making.