When I Am Alone

I wonder so much about what you are doing

I know that you are not supposed to be a priority in my life - and you aren't.

It's at nght - when everything is still and quiet. Those thoughts of you keep creeping in....

All those questions come right back to me.

Sometimes I think I need to let you go.

It's not fair for either of us - but I can't let you go.

No matter how hard I could try - I can't.

You have imprinted my heart and my mind

And it's a place that no one else can get to

Because I want you there


MizzBlue72 MizzBlue72
36-40, F
4 Responses Mar 1, 2009

Thank you :)

Love it, beautifully written and very profound :)

ah - thank you lady dove :)

Very beautiful and well written!