Would You Take a Pill?

I wish a pill existed that you could take to forget someone, whilst leaving all other experiences and memories intact. I wish a single dose could eradicate all the bitterness, pain, confusion and suffering that wrecks a mind when the heart attached to it, loves someone so deeply and that love is never returned.

Would you take that pill?

or would you keep the memories, even if they felt like they would kill you?

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17 Responses Mar 8, 2009

I wish I could, but even if there was a pill, I think it's always better to be strong and try to face the facts and move on... a pill would certainly help you get a new start, but it won't be very helpful because you won't have learned anything from your past mistakes and you might repeat them again

I would take the pill

OMG! I'm really sorry for you. It took about an year and a half for me to wash off my pain to a good extent. But I assure you that if you try, you can easily set things right. Try. Put in a genuine effort.

Hey! I have noticed just now that you have posted the article a long time ago. I'm sure things 'd have got better by now. I hope your life's good now. How are you?

I can understand every bit of the pain you are feeling. Even I have been through the same. I was afraid how my life 'd turn out. But time healed things for me. I'm happy now. The wound has almost healed. I don't really bother about it anymore. I'm happy about the way I have supported myself. I just knew one thing 'I'm gonna be fine and my life's gonna turn out better' and so here I am as happy as ever and my life's good enough. Once in a while, I feel a bit bad but that doesn't really matte much. Just believe that you are going to find love again. Just believe that you are too good to fall down cos of him. Just believe that you are going to be happier than you ever were.<br />
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Simple things to do are: Jot down on a piece of paper all the things you love to do. And just keep doing 'em. Spend a lot of time on your hobbies. Talk to friends, new people, watch comedy movies and try laughing at least for 15 mins everyday. You won't believe me, you 'll definitely be back to your energetic best.

I wouldn't take the pill. With time, the memories (for me, anyway) lose their sharp edges and although they're still bittersweet, I treasure having them.

I wasted many years loving someone who didn't really want me... During that time, I remember telling him that if I could stop loving him that I would... If a pill had been available I would have taken it in a heartbeat...<br />
<br />
Yet, we eventually ironed things out, got together and were fairly happy for about 10 years... and now it's going down the drain and I don't need the damn pill to get over him...<br />
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Yeah, I think I wish a pill had been available... My heart tends to cling to love for an unreasonable length of time...

I was reading something on the net recently about medicn which is being used to help people who are suffering from PTSD. Apparently it selectively erases all memory of the trauma. Like some of that please...

I would have to take the pill.

There are about 3 people whom I would like to forget. But they keep on renting space in my head. Where are those pills? Available on the internet? :>)

I would def. take that pill. There's someone myself that I wish I could forget. It's been 3 years and I still can't get them out of my head. Though we've talked on and off for those 3 years. But I wish I would have never of opened my heart to them, and then I wouldn't be thinking of them even now.

That is so "eternal sunshine of the spotless mind".<br />
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But no... there are people who have hurt me, people who have influenced me in ways I may not like, but I don't want my life to become something entirely different. I wouldn't want to forget someone that important. I wouldn't take that pill.

I have thought of taking that pill too :-)<br />
Man, if I had it right now, I'd totally take it. I too am trying to forget about someone and move forward with my life. It is so tough when you've dreamed about being with this person - I mean..lets face it, esp women, we dream about marriage, happiness, babies, etc...with someone. Then...they don't return the love back. It is sooo hard to them move away from those dreams, and try to imagine yourself being married too, be happy with, or having babies with someone totally different. U know?<br />
Its harder for some people than others I guess....

If it was as easy as to take one pill to forget only the pain, I would. But then I wouldn't have the insight on my part of the situation and would do the same things I had done before, only repeating my same mistakes. The pill would prove that it did not give me what I thought it would. So no, I would not take the pill.

i'd probably take one. i don't know. :)

I'd definitely take at least one and maybe two or even three. What a wonderful idea!

Hugs...I have a relationship I wish I could erase from my life/memory, etc. It's so tempting, but I guess (two years down the line), I can say I learned something from it. I wish I'd just never gone there, but that's part of life.<br />
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I understand how you are feeling, and I wish, for our sake, there was such a pill, or a magic spell. <br />
<br />
Life is something huh?<br />
<br />
it may take time...but it will get better. I thought I'd never get over it, but I am getting better. This is an anniversary time for me concerning that relationship. so its all pretty "there" for me right now.<br />
<br />
but this year...I can remember some of the good times too, I can think about it without wanting to harm myself, or disappear. I still wish it had never happened, that I'd never met him, never responded...but I can honestly say I have finally moved on.