Overthink & Underthink

i overthink and underthing everything there is to think about sometimes i think to hard and confuse myself sometimes i underthink and miss the piont of what i was supposed to know

it deosn't matter though i am always think no matter what non stop i think it's one of the reasons i can't fall asleep

like this morning i turned the tv on and fell alseep and  i was in the middle of a wierd unexplainable dream and then i heard the tv and started thinking about what it was that was on and i heard the words and i thought i wanted to know what it was showing so i just turned around and looked at the tv and only a minute later did i realize i dreamed and woke up in the middle and then i realized i made myself wake up


i think about the oddest things,the most randome things,the most stupidest things,about everything that has to do with me and someone else or me or something that's been said

i just always think whether i overthink or underthink i just continue to always think...no matter what i'm doing or what i should be doing 

Loganberry Loganberry
18-21, F
1 Response Aug 18, 2007

Sounds like you are in survival mode. You are highly intelligent but you don't understand the people around you so you think you have to think about every inter reaction you have with them to the point that you worry yourself constantly with what you think they think. Actually, they aren't going to make sense to you. You see, they don't care about the things you think or the effect it has on you. So quit worrying about what they think about what you think and just find more intersting things to think about and put that big brain of yours to work on something worth while. You will be happier and those around you won't even notice that you aren't thinking about what they are thinking anymore.