Do You Know How It Feels?

I think about the purpose of life. It is not that I am suicidal, but I find myself asking the same question...What is the purpose of living? I do not mean career wise or love wise, I mean overall. Like why do have to love and suffer and be sad and happy. Why is it that I can be in front of a computer and others can't even spell their name? Why is it that while I am calm and relaxed, others typing away my troubles while others are forced to flee and die? What makes some us suffer and others rejoice? Where is fairness and justice? Am I the only one to notice? War being a mask of pride, honor, and protection, when it only serves as a puppet for government! It isn't just these thoughts, there are others which I do not wish to relate. I want to be wrong, I want to find my purpose and stop thinking so much. I am too young for these thoughts, I just want to find some sort of peace in myself. What do I do?

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Ive been thinking about that for a very long time..... and I still to this day think about it.

everything i do is mechanical at some point. when i look at my life from the outside looks like a bad movie with a dull end sometimes, the only times that makes me not to be pointless is when someone else is happy i exist.

I'm the same plus I am very asocial. I'm always questioning why do we have to be here when in the first place we dont ask for it. When people say that we should be grateful for the opportunity of living and bla bla bla I don't see why it must be like that. So I've been like this since very little and its hard and sometimes ( a lot of times) you want to put a gun in your mouth but I'm glad I can see the world and life the way I see it and that at least I question these things instead of "going with the flow" (only dead fishes go with it) I haven't find a person who understand my ideas so far and I'm glad to see that you're as troubled as me (maybe I shouldn't say that XD). Anyway I wont give you an answer or a "cure" because I dont see this as a disorder but you're definitely not alone. Some people here claim to feel like you but I dont think they do at the same level we do. Be strong, survive each day and know yourself. That's what I do. If you need to empty yourself you can send me a message.<br />
<br />
Good luck.

Hi I read your comments, I hope you all get some clarity on the questions that you have. I prayed for you. Have a goodnight

Your stuck in the loop because you cant accept that nothing matters. You search high and low to find the meaning when there is none<br />
<br />
In the end<br />
"nothing matters"<br />
or just say <br />
"**** it"

I can totally relate and if i had the answer i wuld tell u. All i kno is that i gotta live right regardless of every1 else. Treat ppl the way id wonna be treatd or al least try my best. Give 2 those who truly need the help. Find sum happiness n everything even bad times. I sumtimes wish id never been born so i wuldnt have 2 feel this way bt im here and here 2 stay so i gotta find a way that makes sense 2me and make me happy and that allow me 2 sprend happness wherever i go. If theres a will theres a way and i plan 2 find it. I hope u find it as well.

Likewise. i oftenly asked same questions.. But ds s life, its meaningless.. Only God knows the real purpose of everything.. Jus go with d flow, f things hapend then b it. Its either good or bad. We cant stop the time it wil continuesly ticking.. We were born, Presently alive and eventualy wil die.. So jus enjoy the ride, b grateful that ud gven the chance to experience the real meaning of life.. how ironic, isnt it?

I find myself asking why sometimes...but I try and not get wrapped up in that. I just think, that life is short, and I am lucky to be healthy, breathing, warm in my duplex, in front of a computer, which is a lot more than others have. I just want to make the most of the little time I have, and make each day matter.

Thanks for the comment. I'll try to do what you suggested. I really don't know is tehre is a disorder, but if there is, I'd like to hear about. Maybe it can help to ease some of the confusion.

You are not alone kxmarixix. Remember that k. I think it is important to write these things down that you feel. Maybe start a journal or begin a write a book? I find once I write things down my head space is alot less crowed. Especiallly in the middle of the night when all you want to do is get some sleep. Let me know how things go. Is there are disorder that covers the way we think too much?

See, I wish I could leave it at that, but I can not. As I study more and more, the less I believe in Religion and in an Omnipotent being. It is hard to just let it happen.

Thanks for understanding.

I understand this. Everything can feel so pointless sometimes.