Dark Night of the Soul

My mind is my greatest asset and also my greatest hindrance. I am an adjunct college professor. My life revolves around thinking, reading, writing, and teaching. But at night, alone with my dog at the side of my bed, the thoughts do not stop. I obsess on every small mistake of the day; worry about my financial future; wonder if I will be alone for the rest of my life (divorce is a constant compasion); and think of my brother, who took his own life 5 years ago October 12. In those moments, I do not feel like my mind belongs to me. I am held vicitim and captive by its every whim. Does anyone else have this experience? It is almost like I have a love/hate relationship with my mind. And is my mind me, or is there something else that makes me who "I" am (if that is even real; the Buddhist in me wants to convince myself that the self is an illusion and is what causes me to suffer, just like the Four Noble Truths teach).
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1 Response Sep 23, 2007

Sigh.<br />
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An old friend of mine used to refer to her mind a "dangerous helmet." <br />
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I often wish that I were back in school so that my thoughts would at least be more productive and directed. I'm now home alone with my children and my thoughts. Can you imagine? A very dangerous place to be. <br />
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Also, tied to my obsessive thinking is my habit of obsessive research and fact-checking. This reinforces the thinking habit, of course. Why? Why? Why am I like this?