Silence And Thinking Too Much

I think so much that it is hard for me to write.  I choose silence outwardly while being deluged with my inner monologue internally.  Sucks.  I can see why people do drugs.  If I had a drug of choice I guess it would be thinking too much and sugar or eating when I'm not hungry.   No, I'm not fat but I could stand to lose 20 pounds or so.  The irony is that I love the change in breathing that exercise brings but hate to exercise and that brings me to my next thought, which is not bad at all.  The release for me comes through breathing.  It's more than taking a deep breath.  It's a total change in the rhythm of my breathing that I can't get anywhere outside of exercising.  I use to jump up and down and jump rope compulsively but it took its toll on my feet and joints and though I'd love to take up jogging now, I can't.  I use to ride a bike, have been a bike rider for the past 30 years, but got tired of that.  So now I'm thinking about getting a pair of roller skates like the 'Dog Whisperer' Cesear Millan has.  I don't know how to skate, but the wheels on those look like it would be easier to learn.  I've tried rollerblades and didn't like them in case anyone was wondering. 

Aside from thinking too much, there is the problem of thinking that everybody knows what you mean or should know what you mean or that you think you know them and what they think and feel.  Ugh.  I guess I've said enough.  How very unattractive. ;-(

Jahnis Jahnis
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Yeah I've seen it. Hawking Radiation. That goes all the way back to the 70's actually. I don't know where the guy stands now. I have A Briefer History Of Time but haven't finished it yet. I do think we're nieve to think that our law of energy must exist everywhere, and some suggest that at that point of absolute evaporation (or whatever) that the law fails. Where the hell that energy goes... heck, dude... we'll never know. That's one thing I like to remind myself when studying this type of stuff. It's fun and intrigueing but we'll never know. Such knowledge does lend a very refreshing and interesting perspective to everyday things though, eh?<br />
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Funny you use the ant analogy. I use that from time to time to demonstrate the possibility of us being like an ant in a cornfield - never knowing what's outside that field and thinking that their reality is all that exists.

OK. I have to ask you, Fascade, since you brought up Einstein's Theory of Relativity, what you think of Stephen Hawking's use of quantum mechanics and Einstein's Theory of Relativity to explain how something is escapable from a black hole after all: namely radiation. I thought is was very intriguing and I am referencing a program I saw on the National Geographic channel about it last night. <br />
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What I got from the program is that Stephen Hawking is thinking about black holes to explain the birth of our Universe e.g. just as a black hole can absorb, it can also spit out matter in a great explosion, and he used the idea of quantum mechanics and radiation being able to escape black holes to postulate that over time a black hole would exhaust itself and disappear like a puddle in the sun. Did you see that program? Have you heard of these ideas? What do you think? The program also mentioned gravity's place in all this. How it was equal to other strong forces at the instant of the Big Bang but got progressively weaker over time because within our 3 dimensional world there are tiny, hidden dimensions where gravity's force is dispersed. They used the idea of a rolled up piece of paper as a straight line and how an ant would perceive the inside of that rolled up piece of paper, which represents a straight line, as a 3 dimensional world. The funny thing about all this is that I use to play with ants as a kid and wonder how they perceived me, if they did at all. ;-)

Thank you 'free112' and 'lightway1017,' I appreciate your comments. I have to explore this site more and read others' stories about thinking too much [although I know you think there is no such thing Free112]. ;-) <br />
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What is the most practical yet unorthdox thing you ever thought up and did? My favorite was to enjoy a torrential rain storm in the Fall in a full wet suits and booties. It was sooooo freeing to walk in the rain unencumbered by an umbrella or worried about getting wet!! ;-)

Cool post. The CEO of a company once told me I 'think too much'. I could have slapped him with the copy of Einstein's Theory of Relativity I had laying on my desk at the time.

There is no such such as thinking too much. A lot of people love thinkers and see an attraction in that. At work, people comment to me how I could go way beyond the normal thought processes of asking way too many questions. At the same time, they like me for who I am. Its part of yourself and you can't change it.

Wow you do think of a lot! It's impressive! Keep writing. Someone somewhere sometime will read all of them and adore you for them.