My Brain Never Shuts Off

I never stop thinking even now when I'm writing this story I'm thinking about 5 other things, most of it is just useless stuff like how much i love Inuyasha, what should i write for my next story, and other things like work and money but its all i ever seems to do is think about things i never really get passed the thinking, i always over think things like even if it is something really simple like asking someone a question i think of ever possible way to ask them and every possible answer they might ave and so on and so on. At night its the worst cause i just want to sleep but its hard to think with a million things running through your mind i guess i wouldn't care as much if it was important things like looking after children paying pills and etc but its just useless things that don't really matter that i cant seem to stop thinking about, i hate how much i think. My teachers always told me "its good to think things through" but they never really could understand how much i really do think about things and how annoying it is, sometimes if i have a lot to think about (important things like school and work) on top of all the useless things my brain starts to get all frazzled and i get really confused with everything and can function properly. Everyone i tell this to just says "stop thinking then" but they don't know how hard that is for me, its near impossible.

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2 Responses Mar 16, 2010

You’re not alone. I have the same problem 24/7. I have tried meditation but it takes a couple hours just to get my brain to slow down enough to focus. I have tried yoga, medication among many others. Medications worked but the side effects where not worth the clear thought process. Yoga did nothing. Meditation takes too long and the brain starts up again as soon as I stop. One solution that I have found to work somewhat is tire myself to the point that I am exhausted and pass out. Extreme yes but sleep is precious. If you find something please post.

I'm like that especially when I go to bed, probably not quite to the extent of you though. I can get quite worn out from all the thinking but still cant stop.<br />
I find I'm more like that when I'm stressed.