Is It Soo Wrong.....

Is it sooo wrong to want to be someone's first choice?

I'm not really looking to date even offline, because im tired of getting hurt. I do not want to give even one more guy the chance to cheat on me, as many have done before.

I don't understand how I can love so fully and be willing to do almost anything for the guys I date and it' s never enough for them to want to be with just me.

Is there something horribly wrong with me?

All I truly want is for just one man to love me as much as I love him... I don't want to be the second choice and constantly be left for someone else just to have my exs come back later to try again.

I have absolutely no clue which category to put this under so I'm sorry if I choose the wrong group to put.

Thank you all for letting me get all that off my chest lol!

Sadly i have more to add today on this same topic.... i really want someone who can accept me for me and wont feel the need to change me. It hurts soo badly to know that once again im not good enough... my problems are too much to deal with... i need to be put through even more to try to make me better... when in fact its only made me worse... way more needy... more depressed... feeling like noone could ever just truly love me...not fix me just love me...flaws and all...i use to think this was possible im losing faith in that belief now. :
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3 Responses Jan 22, 2013

No, there's nothing wrong with you, and there's nothing wrong in wanting to be a person's one and only love. You just found yourself some playas, but just keep in mind that not everyone is like that.

U never realised u r special for urself.. Love them who love you.. Not then whom u love.. Becoz whom u love may cheat but its less probable that the person who loves u.. May cheat u

It is NOT wrong to want to be someone's first choice. Stick to your dreams. Fall in love with yourself first and go do all the things you love with you. If someone comes along while you are doing that who loves you more than anyone else and you feel the same way - then you will be ready to jump back in.