Since its creation tv had always had a specific aim:viewers.This ''machine'' does anything so that it seduces us to watch it.What each channel's profit is?(as soon as we don't pay directly to watch it)Nothing but defining the price for showing commercials.Because commercials are the reason for it all.If a specific channel has many views it will automatically raise the price it asks from the advertising companies so that they show their advertisements on this channel.Because,this way,the companies ensure more views fortheir spots which brings them more money.That's the deal.So the question is:How TV attirates us all to fullfill its goal?By manipulation,guidance.This guidance is more kind of psychological.They show off models like actors,fit singers,quick fame,quick money so that we create them as ideal in our minds.And after succeding at this point,they go to plan b,which is this:They promise that if we buy the products we see advertised(for exmple a shampoo)we'll become recognised and noticed by others.(fr exmple we'll have the shiny hair of the pretty actress who stares in the sitcom of this channel).That's an example of their basic tricks which they use in million cases.Like convincing us to buy a car, a house,a dvd,a designer's expensive dress,even a chocolate.So,as soon as the advertisements have made us buy the companie's products and as soon as we buy them companies and firms and commerce get richer.Flthy rich.Consequently,capitalism expands more.

So Tv is the most direct and easiest way for the expansion of capitalism.It is a machine that fullss,that exggerates,that crosses the line of logic or the line of morals only to get one thing from us:MONEY.The problem is that the more we watch tv the more suckers we get.Stop watching tv,man.If you want to be an active citizent,a smart person,a conscious man,ust turn it off and do something else.Get a life,by the way...

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Unfortunately were made into slobbering mindless zombies by our TV's what really eats at me is all of these "reality" shows that the big networks put on. As well as the damn $19.99 + S&H commercials that sell worthless crap to people like crack to a crack addict.

Haha, oh yes, I know how you feel here. It's like the actual programming is just filler so there's something to show inbetween commercials.<br />
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And you'll never see a senior citizen reflect on their past and say "Gee, I wish I had watched more television."<br />
<br />
If anything, they'll wish they had spent less time glued to the tv and more time really living.

Just read not asking from anyone to join this if he doesnt feel like it.But read it.I think its persuasive even for someone who has never thought about this before.

You are so right.<br />
When I am old and gray I want to have much better memories than just having watched a lot of t.v.