Yes, It Tricked Me!

This is something that a normal person would be sad about or horrified! But since my pal Philip and I aren't normal, we find this hilarious! =p

Many years ago, in my darkest depression period, I was so desperate to commit suicide. I saw some show on tv, where a prisoner had hung himself with his underwear, in his cell. So, I though it was a good idea... :-/

I tried it, but as I was starting to pass out, the underwear broke and I fell! So much for television! XD

Of course, this is funny now, because I am fine and would never try to commit suicide. I am happy within my life. But back then, after the underwear broke, I was so frustrated and felt betrayed by tv! LOL! =p

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2 Responses Mar 7, 2009

Crarazzy! Glad you lived to tell the story

LOL,man.i can imagine of th one hand hilarious onthe other hand..what were u thinking?its dumb foolin urself by believing u can die by hunging on ur panties.hahaha..pathetic indeed