Twitter's Not Totally Stupid... It's F*cking Retarded

You cannot spell Twitter without spelling Twit

That tells you everything you need to know.

VendettA12 VendettA12
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I'm waiting for Twitter to die off....its going to happen, only a matter of time. I don't have an account and refuse to. What do I care that Charlie Sheen made another socially inappropriate comment.

lol at how described twitter:<br />
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You know that something is completely lame and inane as soon as mainstream media and big business latch onto it.

Twitter is so stupid. V - I could not agree with you more. Stupid kids today honestly think that everyone actually give a ****. They are going to have a really hard harsh reality check one day very soon.

I SOOOOO agree with you. I am so tired of hearing about twitter...even on CNN they are "twittering" utterly ridiculous. And how arrogant for people to think that other people are really interested in what they do minute to minute all day long....I will never post a tweet!!!! :-)

LOL - I agree, totally .. :-)

I don't find EP to be primarily for people with short attention spans. Maybe you're not in any good circles.<br />
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I don't see an advantage to encouraging the mass populous to have shorter attention spans than they generally do already.<br />
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Twitter sucks and remains pointless.

It fits in great with the attention span of modern people. Kind of like EP, but with fewer lines.

Um, I guess I can't do brevity, either, Nora... :)

I don't get it. I am hard pressed to come up with a "status" for EP, mood I understand but what else am I doing but typing on EP??? Duh.<br />
<br />
Twitting is yet another distraction from being alone in your own head with your thoughts, feelings and imagination. I feel sorry for kids and 20somethings never knowing a world without all these ridiculous distractions.


Someone asked "Do you Twitter?" last week, I said "No, I am not a twit." Inane creation.

Yes even the name is daft