Is Everyone Really That Important?

Firt MySpace, then Facebook, now Twitter.  Why?  Is everyone's ego so in need of a boost that they think by texting every mundane thing they do will make them seem more interesting?  Let me put it this way, if someone is truly accomplishing great things in life; you know: saving lives, protecting us, building bridges, creating great lasting they really have the time or inclination to be on Twitter constantly if at all?  No, it's made up mostly of individuals with nothing else to do but tell us which errand they're now running, what they thought of a newspaper story (if they read), what their kids have done recently, they feel happy, sad, lonely, bored, on and on and on.  Put down the iphone, blackberry, turn off your computer and go do something real.  I know that I don't have to read Twitters (Tweets I cute), but stop asking me whether I Twitter or if I'm on Facebook.  When my answer is a simple civil "no", stop pushing me to come up with an explanation as to why I don't and why I'm not, because although I think people should be left alone to indulge in whatever stupid task they desire which doesn't cause harm, I don't think you have the right to badger me and think you can try to put me on the spot without my eventually providing a much more cutting sarcastic remark.  Got do something constructive!  Oh, by the way, before you decide that I'm just too old and don't get it, please understand that I have always been rather tech savy, I studied computers as well as literature in college and I do have state of the art technology in my office and at home.  I do have a Blackberry.  It's just that I also have a desire to live and not just talk about it.  This is the only site I belong to.  It's cheaper than therapy.

pervfrk pervfrk
56-60, M
Mar 11, 2010