If Not "the Goddess" Then Certainly "a Goddess"

I first met txwoman2 on EP introduced by a sweet young woman whom she had given relationship advice to. At first, I wasn't sure if she was from Texas or a tax accountant based on her EP profile name. Not a tax accountant, it turned out, but what a sweet, beautiful, caring, and intelligent woman. She ended up giving me straight talk and good advice.

So she has a website Txwoman2.com, and I'm a charter subscribing member. Sexy true stories, very sexy pics, and a lot of fun. Our friendship spills out of EP and her website a bit, and one thing on my bucket list is to visit Hippie Hollow beach with Txwoman.

For us little guys, she has something special, a special place on her site, called the "Wall of Shame." It's a bit of good natured humiliation play that involves the comments of girlfriends of her's on our little nubby pictures. I enjoy being up there, and she knows just how far to push the play but still leave me feeling like a man, which ultimately I am.

Texie, you're adorable.

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May 8, 2012