This Is News?

I don't care one wit about Michelle Obama's bare arms.  I really don't.  I think the news has confused this with the right to bear arms.

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Sara, I love that you're radical. I get all points of view before I make a decision. Right now I'm thinking Trouble is right, the ranger's not gonna like it. We'll have to watch BooBoo Bear closely. He's short, like Napolean. We all know what that means. And you'll be his arms trader, I bet.

I love being a radical...

Trouble, in Alaska? Those suckers are HUGE! When Lewis and Clark trekked across all the unknown territory facing all the immense and daunting challenges, the one thing they only truly feared was the Grizzly. Sara is definitely radical in her thinking.

Ha ha... I'll bet Yogi Bear would "just say NO" to guns. (I'm not too sure about Boo-Boo though)

Maybe we should offer them free condoms.

Good point! It's great to get a good debate going. Now we're back on track to what this story addressed.

And here I thought there was something I could agree with everyone about... I support the right to arm bears!!!!

UC, it's unavoidable because it's ubiquitous. I don't care that Obama wears dad jeans, either. I swear I saw that stupid story everywhere.

Thanks, guys. I find myself shaking my head a lot, like who cares? In spite of what was inferred, I am very picky about where I find my news. I miss Walter Cronkite.

Yes I would agree that the 6 oclock news and any others before prime time is more interested in the "hollywood" aspect of the news...<br />
<br />
What is flashy and what the stars do not what is really going on in the world....<br />
<br />
Sad really....

I was simply making an observation about what I was coming across at the time. (No need to shout.) I read my news online from very good sources. I don't have a problem personally, I was just making a point.

LordV, it won't change, I'm afraid. News is no longer reported like it was in the past. Think Walter Cronkite. Newscasters delivered the news sans fluff and opinion.

I just saw this post, sorry I am a bit late!<br />
<br />
But I agree anyway, after about 8 months!

bowlman, that is so yesterday, even though it will affect all our lives and our children's and grandchildren's lives. It's more important to be kept up with Rihanna and American Idol contestants.

A better 'story' is how are we going to pay for the EXTRA 2 TRILLION in deficits we just accrued via GB and Obama. Oh yeah, I forgot. That is under FICTION at Barnes and Noble.

Thanks for the story BB. That's just the tip of the iceberg.<br />
You have to seek out the news yourself. It's really a shame.

bb, that's really interesting. Thanks for sharing the link. Maybe it's up to the lay people to pass this kind of thing on.

I can't tell you how interested I was to hear about the new Dora the Explorer. They even gave us a tease and showed only a silhouette of the new design. I can't wait!!! I couldn't have lived another day without the analysis of how Barbie's eye makeup has become more natural since 1959.

YES! You got that right. It's all about dumbing down America so you won't see what is really going on.

And now because it's so newsworthy, the women reporters are baring their arms. Somewhat, you don't need a link. Just turn on some talking heads and you'll see it. They're also reminding us about Jackie O's sense of style. Hey, didn't that happen to coincide with the Cuban Missile Crisis? The young people will know more about her pill box hat than about how we were on the brink of a nuclear war.