News: the Mis-information of America

The concept of having somebody in the tube, reading and analyzing news for me is really dumb.  I have a brain, thank you very much.  The worse is those so-called experts in this and that, sitting there telling us what to make of the news.

Are we Americans that lazy and naive when it comes to listening, reading and comprehending facts, news, etc?  Time to shut off the TV and think for oneself.

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3 Responses Mar 11, 2009

here, here, a big fat cheer, for your story and the comments.

Right TinyTurtle, all their opinions take up time so we don't get all the news out there. So we are kinda stunted on our knowledge of the world. I think in the long run this is hurting the average citizen the most.<br />
That and I fear people are giving up thinking on their own when it comes to polital positions. We seem to be more into the soap opera of the game. Wondering how it will all work out, and not realizing we are in on the game.

Well the TV was a good place for news at one time. But now it is all owned by corporations pushing agendas like “Living Green”<br />
Is that really news?<br />
Or so it seems now. I am so sick of agendas. What happened to the news – news. <br />
I get nothing from the news channels anymore. Half of Europe may have gone up in flames, and we are talking commentary about Obama, global climate change, and our economic distress. Where is the rest of the stuff? In the past many people around the world have said Americans are out of touch with the rest of the world. Now I think we are out of touch with ourselves.<br />
Many papers are not that much better. Biased and predigested for our ease of use. How do we get real news anymore? Just the facts. I will figure out what position to take later on, thank you. [/end rant]