Half of It Isn't Even News!

I can't believe that some people depend on what is broadcast on television (and I don't care WHAT Channel you watch!!!!) for their news.

If you aren't reading a real newspaper, getting a good news magazine, then you aren't leaning what is going on this world.

Stop obsessing about actors and actresses and their kids!!!

Start figuring out what is REALLY HAPPENING in this world!  If you aren't outraged by it, then you aren't paying attention.



SaratogaGirl SaratogaGirl
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Oh wow! And here I missed all that!

This evening, a tornado ripped off the roof of an apartment building. When the dust settled, Brad Pitt and Anjolina Jolie were giving mouth to mouth resucitation to Fluffy the dog who went into respiratory arrest when he learned that Michael Jackson had died of suspected drugs and not at the hands of Macully Caulkin.<br />
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What ever happened to real news?

Try seeing if you can get the BBC -- it's better!

People find time for all sorts of things, including watching idiotic situation comedies. Surely they can find the time to read about issues that directly affect their lives, their health, their taxes, wars, etc.

SaratogaGirl, I understand what you’re saying, but I still stand by my statement. Though partially generalised, you’re right in saying the quality of news given in the paper is far superior to that on many news bulletins. Though it really is much easier to watch news than read it, for example while watching the news you can be doing other things while still listening and taking interest. Though sitting down and reading is a more time consuming method of obtaining the information. One of the main reason technology has evolved to allow us to access the news through different mediums is because we don’t all have the time to sit down and read a newspaper everyday.

sunfork -- thanks for your comments. I have to disagree, however, with your assertion that people do not have the time to read a newspaper. The same half-hour they spend watching the television "news" would give them far, far more information if they spent it reading a good newspaper.

The mainstream news is for lazy sheeple who they can spoon feed the bull crap to and they buy it hook line and sinker. I don't have the intestinal fortitude to watch the news anymore.

I agree, somewhat. I think most news bulletins appeal to the lowest common denominator, for obvious reasons. I agree with questioning what is broadcast on news, I too am often outraged at the items usually included in many new bulletins, I personally can never seem to work out if they’re there because they think people are actually interested in the lives of C-List celebrities or if it’s because they have nothing better to broadcast. Probably both. I also find the obtrusive broadcast of natural disasters or terrorist acts, etc. disgusting. For example, here in Australia the recent bushfires were the main point of interest in news bulletins for over a month, the areas of fires burning and death tolls were spoken off as if they meant nothing, despite their horrific magnitude. Every channel had a multitude of journalists on ‘the ground’, continuously interviewing people who had lost a loved one and/or their home. In my opinion, by doing this many people were heavily desensitised to the disaster, unfortunately including myself. I think these channels have a lot to answer for and should be limited to how often they report on the same thing. This may seem harsh but I don’t know how many times you can be told “180 people have died with an expect 100 to be found by the weekend” before you realise that it’s unnecessary to speak of human life as such a meaningless statistic. However, with all condemnation of commercial new, where would we be with out it? Many average people do not have the time to read a newspaper every day, it’s much more time efficient to switch on a commercial news bulletin for ten minutes and be spoon-feed current information regarding our state, country or the whole world.<br />
..... Phew!

I don't even take the time for TV news, I read it at my own time and lean more than that half hour could tell me. And more about the things I am cincerned about.

I solved it for me... I don't even own one anymore.

She's just one of many. Too many. Way too many.<br />
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The phony news is a wonderful way to keep people from asking the tough questions and from looking at their circumstances.<br />
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They have actually gotten people BELIEVING that health care is bad for them, higher taxes on the poor is fairer, fewer civil liberties makes them freer... <br />
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But LOOK! Two men are holding hands! Angelina is talking to Jennifer! Paris is wearing a white cami!

It's sad that SNL could mock her by using her exact words during parts of those sketches... breathtaking.

I'm laughing, but it also makes me want to puke.

You BETCHA! *wink*

Ha, ha, ha... Which paper do you read? All of them? Whichever one you can get your hands on?<br />
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Ha ha!

I can see Russia from my house!

Now there's a news source I somehow live without!<br />
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What people know and what they don't know is just bizarre! They think it's important to know the name of some starlet's baby but couldn't tell you what was debated in their legislature yesterday, or what the capital of the country next door is. <br />
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Yeah, but I look at four of them a day.