Dumbing Down Of America

For me the only news worth watching is the news hour on pbs.  The rest of it is just a dog and pony show. 

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Your right of course, Rachel is a good looking and smart lady. And if you can stay with her long enough she does make some valid points. My concern with news reporters like Rachel and folks like Keith Olbermann on the left; or Glen Beck and Sean Hannity on the right is in there presentation. Why does it have to be all or nothing; either your with me, or against me? Why can`t news reporters simply show us what occurred around the world and let the viewer draw their own conclusions? And why does it have to be so damn vitriolic? Commentators on both sides are just mudding up the issues and adding to the polarization that is so detrimental in politics. Whats needed so desperately in this country today is some honest, rational and non partisan debate about the myraid of problems we are facing. <br />
And thats why I watch the news hour on pbs. Its old fashioned news reporting at its best. Yes its often slow; the reporters actually take the time to develop the story and ask some pertinent questions. Its insightful, thought provoking and balanced. Best of all, its conducted in a quiet and repectful manner. Both sides are allowed to comment, and the viewer can draw whatever conclusions they might infer...

I confess, I watch Rachel Maddow while doing the cross-trainer. And I zip past most of the pundit stuff, most of which is the re-hashing of the same things over and over again. I try not to get hypnotized by Rachel Maddow's eyelashes. I have never seen such thick eyelashes, and they are obviously real. She is beautiful in an unusual way. And really smart and funny. Digression over.

I just don't watch ANY news on TV. I read about it instead... in a number of newpapers and newsmagazines.

A dog and pony show going in a circle, eh?