I Don't Need a Special Day For Love

As I walked through the aisles of the supermarket today I couldn’t help but think what a sad comment on a relationship Valentines Day can be. The store was full of mostly guys many looking lost or bewildered. Picking up cards or flowers or chocolates; almost all of them looked like they had no idea what they were doing. I couldn’t help but think that it shouldn’t be that difficult to show your lover that you care for them. You should know them well enough that it should be easy to do something nice for them. It should be something that is done on a regular basis. I guess that’s the sad part.


Love isn’t a moment or a day or an event. Love shouldn’t be a chore delegated to a certain day of the year. Love certainly is work but showing your partner that you love them should never be. Many have said that after the first little while their partner no longer does all those special little things. To that I say it never really was. Sugar and I are going on eight months now and my heart still jumps when I see her just like it did the very first time. My palms still get sweaty when I hold her hand. I still get breathless when I get to be alone with her.


She doesn’t have to wait for Valentines day because I show her every day how much I love her. I call her….I text her (sometimes when I’m in the middle of a business meeting)…..I think about her, I email her. She is in fact never far from my thoughts because that’s what love is. The moment I have to leave her I can’t wait to return so that I can hold her hand again, touch her hair and face and look into her eyes. I am always thinking of the next way I will surprise her. Something unexpected; maybe in the mail…..maybe the next time we see each other. Maybe it will be some really big plans that I’ve been working on for months. I have other ideas that will take years to develop. I love surprising her. Maybe it’s because she appreciates me and doesn’t take me for granted. Neither of us takes each other or what we have and continue to work on for granted. That is one of many best things about us. I’ve wanted a relationship like this my entire life and all those months ago had all but given up. Our time together continues to exceed any expectation that I ever could have had and I surely won’t be waiting for this or any other Valentines Day to show her how much she means to me and just how much I love her.

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Good points

Gosh....I'd do anything to have a man that loves me the way you love her...a very fortunate lady indeed....very touching words that comes from the heart....thank you for sharing....all the best while I keep on the search till I find mine..:)) xoxo

That is really sweet!

Thank you :)

That is how I feel


And now i wanna to tell my ex-boyfriend,i was so stupid when i fell in love with you!you are such a beautiful liar!A big bastard!

few days ago,we broke up,and i feel so good. i know it's a good decision,it's so good to be single!

Thanks lola and petrelli for the wonderful comments.

You sound like my wife and I when we spoke of each other. She was, and always will be, the greatest love of my life. Life will hit you with everything it can. Keep her by your side throughout all of lifes obsticles.

I agree completely with you about some day set aside to show your love. True love transends through mind body and soul, and is endless.

That literally brought tears to my eyes. You sound so happy, and Sugar is very very lucky, as are you for finding someone to feel that way about. All the best to you both. Much love....xxxx

It is nice that you can find that kind of spirit in this day.

I agree Bass, that every day is a great day to show the people you love that they are loved, and that it is sad to see there are a bunch of people who feel pushed or pulled into expressing their love on one or two days a year. <br />
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The thing is though, for me, it is the spirit of the day that touches my romantic self. I don't think it's about big dinners out or spending way too much on flowers, but it is more about celebrating love. And even though I celebrate my love every day, I can find some really sweet things around valentine's day that put a smile on my face (and not only my face). For instance, what other time of the year can you find chocolate body paint in your local drug store????<br />
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Anyway, to me, it is a cute little heart shaped holiday that gives me a good reason to unload candy on my kids between Christmas and Easter! lol

If I ever do anything for her on Valentines Day itself it will be when she completely non expects it. Love should never get predictable :)

Thank you, Bassy. I feel sorry for the people out there who think Valentines days is or has anything to do with love. <br />
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Meg should always know how much I love her, near or far. One last toast for the mushbuckets.

Very well said - you guys are very lucky to have each other.