Yes, It Is!

I admit, it is fun to yell, "Happy Valentine's Day" at everyone and sending e-cards and such on the net. =p

But the whole thing of it is, there are so many commercials pushing diamonds! And hallmark cards (which are the most expensive cards on the planet!)... and men running everywhere to scramble for chocolates or roses! This use to drive my friend crazy, as she worked in a flower shop and every year guys wanted only roses! :-/

Wow... I would have to shake my boyfriend, if he ever succumb to that madness! And yell, "Snap out of it, man! It's just some silly holiday!" I swear it! :-o

No, this day is only a day to sell expensive items. And I never cared much for expensive items. Don't get me wrong... I do like diamonds... I'm a girl, after all! But, I wouldn't want one because some holiday said I should have one! NO! I would like one from the heart or not at all. =p

So, basically... I say, "SCREW YOU!" to this holiday. Heehee! All I needed was a nice note from my boyfriend and I got it. So, this is all the holiday needs. Hugs and Kisses, my dear Momo! :-)

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1 Response Feb 14, 2009

lol.<br />
fer sure.<br />
i hate vday.<br />
guys think they need to get roses<br />
and damn candy.