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I don't think it is overrated. I think it is taken way out of context. It has been bastardised. How many of you actually know the real meaning behind Valentine's day? I'm willing to bet not many. That is because all too often we settle for what we are told, without even bothering to wonder if there is another story behind it.

I agree on principle with all the things written in other members posts, however I think that they are not giving this information under the correct heading.

To say Valentine's day is used by the corporate and consumer industries as a money making scheme, I would agree. That however is totally different to being "over-rated." I would imagine theses industries rub their collective hands together with delight and the ignorance of society to just accept what they are told.  "It is Valentine's day, you HAVE to buy your partner something or they won't love you." That is the basic message I get from all the advertising I see. I'm sure I'm not the only one. It is a very thinly veiled guilt campaign. How many of us like feeling guilty? Not many. So we buy, buy, buy. Take away the flowers and the chocolates and the sexual innuendo and what do you have? Another reason for us, the consumers, to go out and buy what the retailers tell us WE should buy. And like sheep, we follow their instructions, without giving it a second thought. This applies not only to Valentines day but to Christmas, Mothers Day, Fathers day and Easter. How many of us REALLY give a damn about a prehistoric carpenter (ironically) being nailed to a crucifix? Again, not many. But we are all too ready to buy gifts to exchange on December 25th or 26th.

I think that there is too much emphasis placed on the material and superficial and not on the real.  If we are going to talk about Valentine's day out of it's original context then lets get real:Most women I know of would be happy enough if their man made them breakfast in bed once in a while, or did the dishes or cooked tea for them or did something without having to be asked to do it.

I'll guarantee you no man has ever been shot by a woman for voluntarily doing the dishes.

But perhaps we should just overlook the facts for this year. After all, the world economy could use a hefty cash injection.

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stableperson, I am sorry to have offended you with my writing. The statements I made in regards to your "Christ" were not meant as a slur on those who truly believe, merely as a wake-up call to those MANY who claim to be Christians. <br />
<br />
I believe in free speech, so just as I respect your right to be a believer, you have to respect my right to not be a believer and to express that. Yes, perhaps my references were a bit coarse and I apologise for that.<br />
You cannot deny however, that there are many who celebrate "Christmas" as opposed to Christ-Mass. I know I celebrate Christmas in the commercialised sense and do not claim and have never claimed to be a Christian. But there are those out there who DO make these claims. As I see it: if you believe in something, you believe in it ALL the way. You do not just pick and choose the rules that you (not you, the individual) believe will be of benefit to you.<br />
<br />
How many of the 10 commandments do those who are and those who claim to be Christians really adhere to?<br />
<br />
I do not want this to get into a religious debate. I am just stating things as I see them. I found it appropriate to include the biggest commercialised religious celebration as a way of illustrating my views, which you have differences of opinion to. In order to make this point stick, I used humour, a common technique for getting others to engage their brains.<br />
<br />
Now as this is a thread on Valentine's Day, I shall speak of such things as love, joy and romance.<br />
<br />
*theatrically casts red roses out to her adoring ^fans*<br />
<br />
^or 'fan'

Actually i think the carpenter reference was perfect. Just like Valentines day its all a herd mentality no free thought.<br />

Although I agree with you about over commercialization of holidays, I don't think that the comment about the prehistoric carpenter's death on a cross was appropriate to be included with your remarks about holidays. You might not be a believer that Jesus is the Christ and in His teachings, but I do and so may many others.

Is that an acronym or a statement? :P