Love It Or Hate It

personally i just think its an excuse to spend money just like all the other holidays.  this one sucks a lot more sometimes because it makes those without someone special in their lives feel like crap.  and those that do have someone special will feel like crap if they don't get something special.  its just another commercial holiday.

danetty757 danetty757
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3 Responses Feb 9, 2009

YOU HAVE a holiday for VALENTINES?<br />
<br />
so over rated, as with all things,it is only to sell goods<br />
and services!<br />
<br />
Why get upset when you don't receive a Valentine?

i'm not against love at all. i just think that we should always show it and do nice things for the people we love, instead of it being like the one day out of the year dedicated to Valentines Day. or any holiday for that matter. its all about spending money.

A day dedicated to love? Overated? Not on your life. Love makes the world go around. that's the truth.