To a Point

I joined this group last year, and haven't written a story about till now. I used to totally hate this holiday, but this year I did get a new perspective on it,

Yes, it is still over rated, and like most holidays it is over commercialized and created by greeting cards.

Single people get upset and trash this holiday, why all of a sudden does valentines day makes it worse? People that have someone go crazy to make the holiday work.. I'm not saying all people fit into these categories, but some do.  It just another day its nothing to get upset about or if you are involved you shouldn't have to prove something to your partner just because its a holiday. Bottom line its no big deal.

And the best thing about Valentines Day is all the candy goes on sale the day after, so yay for cheap candy!

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3 Responses Feb 15, 2009

Thanks for the comments. :)

I use the day as an excuse for debauchery in the way of eating cupcakes, frosting, cookie dough, cake batter...anything I don't normally eat because it's too sweet. or sleeping as long as I want and whenever I want.

I am more miserable, and I trash it because it gives me something to trash. It gives me an outlet to express my frustrations. I'm frustrated all the time, but Valentine's Day is so easy to hate... It also happened to take attention away from my birthday, and February should be about me!