Sad All Around

Lol, I thought this was an interesting group when i first saw it, until i realized the typo of the word sadist. Saddest holiday? Maybe.

But i joined any way because i think it is a sadist holiday, when the object of your affection has just turned away from you.

And has possibility now with another. Maybe. Who knows.

Whether saddest or sadist, the pain and sorrow is all the same.

Cinderelly Cinderelly
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7 Responses Feb 11, 2009

Aw don't worry somewhere sometime you'll find someone who really loves you and appreciates who you are, and maybe if your shy maybe you could step forward. Don't worry to be honest this year i forgot it was valentines day and the day literally passed by.

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ive never had a girlfriend to share valentines day with, so it doesnt really bother me!!! it was a bit of a bummer though, when i was young in school, and some of my friends got valentines cards, or had girlfriends to send valentines cards to!!! and i always went home empty handed!!!! lol!!! but, there was one year i did get a valentines card, but it turned out that it was from one of my friends, and he turned out to be gay, so that doesnt count!!!! lol

:D Yeah Erica...<br />
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It does have a particular humour to it. Typo or not, the way I hear it as sadist was enough to make me want to join. :)

I was going to to change it, but now I can't decide if they meant saddest or sadist. But with the your instead of you're I am leaning towards possible typo. Hard to tell, so I think I'll leave it. I like world's sadist holiday better anyway ;-P

Aw....<br />
I've never had a problem with this day before, even while alone. But it bites a major big one right now, reminding me of all that is no longer there. Not even the possibility of hope. :`(

I hate V day and I have a boyfriend