Intentional Misspelling?

I think it is more of a masochist holiday if you're alone.

Honir Honir
26-30, M
6 Responses Feb 13, 2009

I was always temporarily single around that day. I think i'm allergic to it. The waffle was so stale it broke my heart when it busted my lip haha.

How were you single on Valentines Day if you had a girlfriend? That's a bit of a stale waffle.

hahaha. Sadist. I like it more that way too. I've always been single on Valentines Day. Even when I had a girlfriend. haha. Maybe i'm just bad at Valentines Day... or maybe i'm a sadist.

I hope the spelling was intentional. It would make me like the group name more.

lol yes sadest holiday if your alone

Sadist holiday indeed