Every Year...

If you're alone.. you feel it, the loneliness.. the emptiness.. not having that "person" in your life.. knowing that another year went by and you didn't find him/her.. It's very sad.. even depressing. You see all the couples, the gigantic gifts, cards, balloons, flowers, roses, chocolates, candy grams, all of it.. and it is sad to know the whole time that you won't have any part of it.. You know you won't be having that wonderful time with someone, holding hands, kissing,  the whole bit. I've never had a Valentine's Day that wasn't lonely.. So, this is why I think Valentine's Day is the sadist holiday if you're alone..

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3 Responses Feb 10, 2010

Dont get yourself down. I am married with kids as well. Valentines is my least favorite holiday because it is fake ex<x>pression. He has to do something because of the day. Why dont they do it all the time.. or at least once a month? Once a year is not enough to show someone you love them. Those couples you see on Sunday are fake or very new in their relationship. You stay strong and laugh about it. Horror movies and bottle of wine sounds pretty good to me- lottalatte

hmm.. i see your viewpoint.. i suppose i was just thinking of a partner relationship.. but if the person doesnt have any family or friends than yeah..

i actually think holidays that touts "family togetherness" such as thanksgiving or christmas as being the saddest. what i think is sad, is that we're supposed to cram or show off how much we love and care about someone into one day, wouldn't spreading it out over the 365 days be more reasonable. how 'bout sharing that one day with some special friends, sometimes it's not men or women that you need, but the kind of love that doesn't die, friendships.

Just when you've recovered from Christmas and New Years....this! I agree that is shouldn't be crammed into one day. It does seem less sincere, like putting in a show..