Okay...i'm a Little Biased

i know good and well that i wouldn't hate it so much if i had a freakin valentine...someone to escape to a nice, romantic place with....in the mountains...with a huge, roaring fire and an outdoor jacuzzi....snow all around.....soft, naked skin submersed in hot, bubbling water....wine glasses.... I just LOVE creating little adventures like that... I get so bored with life...I have such a free-flowing imagination....I've gotten pretty good at creating experiences that are true works of art!!!  but, valentines day???  pah!  why the hell do we need an excuse to do something special for the people we love??  declaring days like today a friggin holiday just gives us permission to keep ignoring each other the rest of the year!  and all the money people put in the pockets of all the greedy people who sell DUMB ****!!  it's retarded.

MysticWriter MysticWriter
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2 Responses Feb 14, 2007

this is hilarius! although valentines day is a way for retailers to suck in more money!

You alone on Valentines too huh? I know it sucks but couples must love it to do it or else they would agree not to.