I Would Know, I Am One

Actually, I consider myself both. I may be a man, but I know my limits, and how they can be complimented. I have this wonderful little toy and an incredible amount of stamina. The wonderful thing about this toy is that I can use it like I would the tool I was born with (and climax in the process, hands free) , or in my hands while I lounge and enjoy the full sight of someone writhing, moaning, and convulsing. Truthfully, I know when the competition is tough, and I'd rather be on the winning side. I love sensation of pushing it inside of her while she's bent over and feel my organic tool sliding, grinding, bouncing against the crevice between her cheeks. While she's on reclines on her back she sees me get harder and redder and feels me(the other me) deep inside her pushing and stretching her through wonderful waves of sensation and jumps in surprise as I gush onto her and continue through it beyond what I normally would be capable as a mere man. Eventually, the real fun starts when I press the button and bring on those vibrations that we both enjoy. Yes, it makes me feel proud I've found the way to be better than any normal guy, and I feel bad for the rest of them and their ignorance of their "room for improvement".


V8fusion V8fusion
26-30, M
1 Response Mar 5, 2010

Is there a member card? I really feel like I need somewhere I belong.