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I wrote a story about when CaliGirl3 made herself vulnerable to was one of the most beautiful experiences in my life.  Especially considering I was head over heels in love with her, and she hardly ever lets herself be vulnerable.  She's always been very independent...but when she broke down in front of was amazing...

I am very "turned on," if you will, by vulnerability.  And I don't mean that in a bad way...I know some men like women to be vulnerable because they're "easy" and can be taken advantage of easily.  I would NEVER take advantage of someone who made herself vulnerable to me...especially if she had to put as much effort as CaliGirl3 did.  I just love it when someone trusts me enough to not doubt me at all and completely's so amazing and makes me feel so...I don't even know the word for it.  It just feels like I'm so close to that person.  Complete and total faith and submission.  I cherish it more than you can possibly know.  I treasure it in my heart more than a pirate treasures gold.  More than anything...

Just recently, I've been talking to another friend who is also usually really tough.  She never cries...she said she's been trampled by a horse and didn't even cry after that!  But she can cry to me...she trusts me...and I love her so much for that.  It is such an amazing experience to me when someone can lean on me totally and trust me not to take that for granted.

Ladies, if you want to make me fall for you, just be vulnerable to me...I'll probably fall FAST.  It's the biggest turn-on there is--bigger than any physical turn-on.

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I couldn't agree more, robbo. There's nothing unattractive or weak about submissiveness.

Most people equate women's vulnerability as weakness but really it shows strength in love and clears the way for love to deepen and greater intimacy to be achieved. Lots of people have read my stories on here and know that I am a surrendered wife. Vulnerability is the way to get the best from marriage. I think your story is great and I'm sure you will have a fantastic relationship.

Aww, I'm sorry...I'm sure he was great though.

Had one - a wonderful man - little bit of a cowboy himself - love of my life. One of the things I loved most about him was his vulnerability. He's been gone now for 7 years; but I treasure the memories we made together.

I'm glad you appreciate it too :-)<br />
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I bet your man is lucky...if you have one :-)

I know what you are saying, CC. Vulnerable people always brought out the best in me. As time goes on, you don't even need for people to speak in order to recognize their vulnerability.<br />
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Some people go to such lengths to hide their vulnerability not ever realizing what an endearing quality it is. It is what makes us truly human.

: ) I would only be too lucky to have some one like you. Message me sometime!

Well hey, I'm available ;-)

It's really good to hear that someone understands how hard it is for a girl who usually has walls up to just let them down and show you who she really is. I have never had a guy who I felt comfortable enough with, and who I felt wouldn't laugh at me for letting it all out. Because of it I think I am changed as a person. It just makes me happy to know that someone knows that they can let it all go with you.

Aww, I'm sorry...just remember that there are guys out there (like me) who really appreciate vulnerability.

That's nice. <br />
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I wish the one I let myself be vulnerable to appreciated it this much.

Very true! I think both the man and the woman have to become vulnerable to each other eventually.

The last time i got vulnerable was when i was with my boyfriend. Ahem, if you dint notice, men become quite vulnerable themselves at such moments:)

It's about trust. If you submit to someone, you trust them enough to know they will love you, and you love them enough to give them everything--every part of you.

Of course...and just trust me and lean on me and let me love them :-)

Hehe, yeah...I hope so too :-)<br />
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Funny thing is that I always tend to attract older women (I suppose because of my maturity level), so they often have a hard time being vulnerable (like CaliGirl3). But actually, when someone like her, who hardly ever lets herself be vulnerable, makes herself vulnerable to me, it's even more special to me because I know that she wouldn't do it for just it just endears me even more.

Oooh, I hope those young naive girls know what a catch you will be! Who wouldn't like to be described as endearing (at least what female wouldn't like to be described as endearing - LOL)?

Yep...she did :-)<br />
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She's reeeeeally annoying sometimes, but she's worth it because of who I am now I think.<br />
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I was just thinking...the best word I can think of to describe vulnerability is "endearing."

I too, sadly, am old enough to be your mother, but a guy who likes vulnerable women and doesn't take advantage but loves them all the more for it - now that's a guy that any girl would be lucky to have! You are a cowboy in the best sense of the word! Your momma brought you up right! : )

It's nice to know there are still vulnerable women out there too :-)