Weak Spot

I have a weak spot for the dowthrodden and the vulnerable.  I think I got that from my mother.  It's a kind of solidarity that sometimes strikes me like a thunderbolt. 

It can be the sight of a random person in the street or the thought of all those people that while struggling to survive stay decent and honest.  Probably that's also why I prefer women to men.  Very often they're so courageous and neglected. 

My sympathy is not limited to people.  I have these feeling also for a horse or a dog that is badly treated.  I even can feel it for flowers, those most generous creatures waiting to be picked or to not to be seen.

There's something that links vulnerability to tenderness and to beauty indeed.  A great work of art many times is a courageous and generous exposure of weakness.

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thank you so much for your comment,HMC!