When did we develop the belief that being vulnerable is shameful?

It's a part of being alive. We all are vulnerable to many things, and it's not healthy to believe (or lie to ourselves and say) otherwise. There is beauty in someone admitting vulnerability- it is core honesty, and one of the most primal feelings in a living creature.

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thats a really beautiful statement

that's a lovely post - thank you

Perhaps a better word is " Transparency" when needed. one could also say "Not hiding who you really are" Yet guarded and not foolish.<br />
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I've had relationships on many different levels tbd ones that I enjoyed the most is when we both were very " Honest " and " Open " with each other " Transpearency "

You should not feel ashamed Anandadas. You are human, and humans all whimper at pain. There is nothing wrong with that.

Before I was using a wheelchair I was extremely confident and when I got assaulted for sticking up for my ex wife I became vulnerable and I'm vulnerable to anger because if anything upsets me my body starts hurting like it's telling me that anger is forbidden, it's made me a very soft person, a soft vulnerable person. The pain gets so bad it makes me cry and whimper like a baby. I must admit I'm not proud of it and feel like my manhood has been took away.

^ God, you're like my EP soulmate. lol

That's it right there. The people with bad intentions make everyone afraid of them. I'm trying to overcome these things myself. There is a huge difference between knowing how and when to protect yourself and hiding things to be 'protected.' Society makes us believe that we have to be afraid of everything/everyone.

^ I can see your point, but to counterpoint, the reason being vulnerable is dangerous to the vulnerable is because of people with harmful intent. If they didn't exist, vulnerability wouldn't be so taboo.

Vulnerability is dangerous to the vulnerable .... whether it is beutiful or not, it should be hidden.