There's something calming about walking through a graveyard for me. I do feel God's presence stronger. As I was little I would sit near and old tree and just dream, contemplate -  what ever was on my mind at the time. It made me feel pure and calm. I like reading some of the headstones, some are sad, some maybe inspirational. I never really told anyone because I didn't want them to think I was some kind of looney.

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Oh honey, I miss so much being so far away from my sons grave. Before we shifted to here I was only five minutes away, I have a little shrine outside my kitchen window and I can see his plaque every day, but it still isn't the same. The peace and memories seem to enfold you and it is sooo relaxing... now that may sound looney!!<br />
I have a Welsh friend who, I'd say, has walked through every cemetary in the state.

Yes, please do. It is truly beautiful. It feels like life's worries and struggles disapear and all that surrounds you is peace and truth