Try Not to :/

i try to avoid free time. my boyfriend has left the state... with out telling me until 6 days later. i cannot watch tv, listen to music or read because everything reminds me of him. i feel as if there is a hole in my chest, and i can't breathe right anymore. at night it is the worst. i have to curl up in a ball and just close my eyes and wait until i fall asleep. it has gotton to a point where i can stop my mind from thinking of him (i think that is the cool part.) but it still hurts everyday with him here... if he only knew :/

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2 Responses Mar 3, 2009

That happens to me sometime too. Well its wierd like your empty and once well for me once i see her, that emptyness is filled. this has never happened to me before though, until know with her.

Oh man, I totally know the feeling. Even walking in stores is dangerous, because you never know when they'll be playing a song that triggers something. Why did he leave without telling you first though?