Free Will

this is probably one of the best gifts we have received from God.  to always have a choice is equivalent to always being free.  free to choose and decide for ourselves.

life is what we make it.

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I agree. But, there are times we aren't given a choice in circumstances that we are put in.

thanks again, cj! :)

Very inspiring. And so true......

got your point. of course, some people are meant to experience different hardships in life.<br />
<br />
but, you always have a choice on how to handle things. it's definitely not their choice to be ill or to die. that is something we all need to accept. but we are always left with a decision on how to deal with anything. <br />
<br />
mope around or survive it.

You talk in a poetic manner, and you are half right about what you say. <br />
Most people both have and don't have free will and choices. For the most people everything is both predetermined and still having a few choices. <br />
Why I say a few? <br />
Do you REALLY think all those people worldwide, to whom "god" "gave" free choice, want to suffer, to live in misery, to be ill or to die because of lack of normal life or simply because of violence?! - AND THERE ARE BILLIONS SUCH PEOPLE WORLDWIDE. <br />
The predominant part of the population actually have many problems which only show free choice is A COMPLETE ILLUSION IN THIS SOCIETY. <br />
Still there are ways to deal with this. <br />
If you are a bit more creative, and don't only deal with what is being told to you, but also have free and open mind, and just change your perspective.

We don't always have choice. When does the choice become ours?

absolutely agree with you...

of course, pea. :) <br />
<br />
we should also consider other people's feelings. that's the rule of thumb. but in the end, the choice is still ours.

We do have a choice but there's still a limitation. We have to respect others' freedom of choice too. We can't just step into someone's feet just because we wanted too, right?