Some people go a whole life time and never do this. It is pretty sad really.

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If we all really wanted to accomplish anything we wouldn't place blame on one side and instead listen to each other. Listen to every last person and work together for the best solution that we can come up with. Nothing changes with your way of thinking, and you end up being just like what i said in this very small story.

Yes, let's choose carefully...and avoid a Republican controlled Congress, Court and Presidency...above all else, avoid this or America returns to Herbert Hoover's incompetent administration!!!<br />
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The price o freedom is blood.

Our culture has led us to a point of accepting what has been correct in the past. (sometime not correct)..All things change with time and we must adjust to the changes. In our adjustment, we must use some deep soul searching and forecasting to analyze what is correct, not only for ourselves, but for the generations that will follow.<br />
The generation that proceded us did the best they could, and many have died for us to have the opportunity to make these decisions. We need to choose carefully. noshadow

Of course!

yuppe, yuppe .. and of course not us :)