A Moral Obligation!

I’m in Belgium today. In a little town called St Ghislain.
I’m sitting drinking after dinner coffee, in a place where, just a few short years ago, tens of thousands of men, where dying in the trenches of the Somme, in an effort to bring us all a better world.
During my meal. It came to me, that if all those men and women, could come back, and see the society they died for. What would their verdict be? What would they say, about the society we live in now?
“We!” The one’s that follow, have a moral obligation, and duty, to make this world, a better place.
Have we done that? No we haven’t!
On a daily basis. I look around me, and see greed, avarice, and ignorance on a monumental scale. Mankind screwing his fellow man rotten, openly, and without qualm. There are problems in the world, that could be fixed, with just a little love and compassion? Dying children that could be saved, for the price of a $2 mosquito net? Starving people, that could be well fed? Poverty exists, in a world where we waste millions on garbage we do not want, need, or require.
We are failing miserably in our obligation, and duty. And we are failing on a grand scale!
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Jul 21, 2010