It's true. We do so much with our kids 24/7 that I think we forget to be a couple. Lovers. Hitting my prime has made me crave intimacy so badly. It's a constant hunger to connect. Feel that passion that two people can share. Not only in sex but a touch. A single touch. Eyes locked, speaking words without a sound.

I fear my husband will never let go of this wall he holds. I try to love him so much. Care for him in every way. Offer him..a relaxing massage to relieve his tension. This is how I love him. Have food hot and prepared for him. Wash him. Anything I can do.

I am ready to be lovers again. I yearn to be close and intimate with my husband. I need to get us our alone time. We are only parents right now. Stuck in the mom and dad role.

I hope new beginnings will change all that. All I have is hope!!
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The desire to be wanted and needed is a powerful thing. *sigh* It is a burning desire that you seem to never to be able to quench. I too have that desire....

I can sometimes push it away and lock it up but then it comes bursting forth with such vigor that it crushed me how something so important for me is missing. I grieve then and tuck it away again...

It is not fair that you have to lock it away, it should be free flowing. I feel your pain..

I hear exactly what you are saying. I think it doesn't just happen with "parents" but also long term relationships in general. I know if my wife and I get lazy, we can loose that connection and spontaneity, but if the intentions to keep connected on an intimate level is there on both sides, there's no speed hump you can't overcome. What is his attitude toward it? Is there a reason? (If you don't mind me asking) xx

He admitted to being lazy. That he goes in autopilot. "If it's not broke. .why try to fix it"

So do you feel like it's a team effort to get back on top? (No pun intended haha)

Not a team effort... more like one pushing the other atm....

It is VERY easy to allow the children's needs to consume all of your time and energy. I've been in that situation myself. It's important to regularly schedule a "date night"... and you can even schedule time just to hide out in yout bedroom and cuddle and play. Just remember to put time for your marriage into your schedule... or else you can easily get "stuck in parent mode"... :)