Pole Reversal And What Its Doing To Beached Whales

On the news you have geard about whales and dolphins beaching themselves at an alarming rate.

every 26000 years the planets will align as well as the sun with the Milky way Galaxy. This is supose to happen on 12-21-2012. If the earth's magnetic poles go in reverse, here are a few things to think about. Durring this process, the poles will weaken and allow tadiation to enter the apnosphere, causing severe radiation, weather that will create monster storms and waves out of control slamming onto the shores and inland.

All of this are happening, scientist are worrying about the affects, greenland ice sheets will melt and the anartic will melt as well, causing the oceans to rise in hights no one has ever seen, Read more about this subject by going to google and type in the sunject.
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hmm...definitely going to google this.