Shooting In New Town Ct. Its Time We Took Action

20 children ranging from ages 5 to 10 years old lost there livves from the hands of a disturbed animal who had an evil mission and acccomplished it. He also killed 6 addults and two other outside of the school.

There are questions that need to be answered, where he got the guns, how he got intop the school where there is a buzz in from the office. Who else was involved.

My heart is so broken because we as parents have got to be emotionally connected to this, thinking about what the parents have got to be going through. Please think about those in your prayers and those who saw this take place.

The type of gun used was a 223 andd it is equivellent to an AR15 assult riffel.
The projectile is designed for snipers to do serious damage. The bullet is designed to enter in small and tare its way out leaving a much larger exit wound.

Babies losing there lives is bad enough, to lose there lives from the hands of this devil is another. Think twice before we start talgun talking about gun rights.

I just can't wrap my head around this maddess and I can not understand how anyone could just take the lives of babies.

God Bless there souls
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2 Responses Dec 14, 2012

A horrible tragedy.....I am not a parent but I have a niece and two nephews and many friends with little ones and feel sooo bad.... I also agree that some of these criminal animals don't deserve rights or any comforts in a prison.....Ship them off to some desolate spot and let them be PUNISHED for what they did, at the hands of monsters just as bad as them....

Coddling their craziness only opens the door for it to happen again and again.... If they are old enough to hold a weapon and able enough to kill... they are old and able enough to understand consequences for their actions and face real punishment.....

For the second time, this week a person has used stolen weapons to kill others.

When do we start making all the bad people pay a price for breaking the laws and stop feeling sorry or making excuses for them this is a good cause were other had made excuses for this kids actions all his life?

the best way to punish these animals for the crimes to humanity is to try and catch them before they turn the gun on themselves. If this person was so disturbed, some one should have seen something in him that didn't make sense.

I agree I am willing to bet this was not this kids first run-in with the law,
he shot his mother in her home then went to school for no reason I think
it is time we stop trying to make people better as it never works, and we started to ship them off to an island and let them defend for themselves and use to money, we save to support our vets and elderly

Do not agree death for people like this is a way to fast.

I think WP placed on certain body parts and just allow to do it own thing unstop until the person leaves this world.