Sex Is...

I think people should bone the way they want to. I think the taboos placed around sex are at least partly responsible for the variety of preferences people have towards one sexual act or another. There is a stigma attached that sex is somewhat wrong at even it's most basic level. Wrong to think about, talk about, etc. While it can be acceptable around close friends or in some other informal social situations, you generally don't ask people, "so... nice weather. How's your sex life?" 

     Point is, you take something and say it's wrong. Whatever this thing is, it feels really good. If you take this something a little further, make it a little more wrong, it makes sense it would feel a little better. A little more fun. A little more wrong, Its all the same at the end of the day. 

    So to an extent, i agree. There are too many rules. But I also think that breaking those rules is where that sense of excitement comes from. When these rules [like so many others] cross societal boundaries and enter the government, is where the problem truly starts. I'm not saying a 40 year old should bone a 12 y/o. I'm not saying there shouldn't be laws against something that is obviously a transgression against another persons well-being. But i feel that two [or 20] consent adults should be able to do what ever the **** they want [sexually speaking] behind closed doors. If it being considered dirty by society makes it more enjoyable, than good. Everyone should step outside the norm occasionally. With out a norm, there's nothing to step outside of. 
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2 Responses Jul 27, 2010

Agreed. We are the silent Majority who belive in it, and its good for us. Unfortunately it is the small<br />
minority who makes up all the fuss about Hell and Damnation. " if you dont have Wine, Women<br />
and Song, you will also die one day, so why not enjoy it and then go ." I beleive it was the great Poet<br />
Omar Khayyam, who said that.

I am glad I am not the only one who feels this way.