I Was A Victim Myself

I wasn't raised Catholic, but my mother and grandmother were, and there was always an underlying sense of shame when sex was discussed. It was taboo, only whispered about, and my family was of the strong opinion that sex not be had until after marriage. Any kinky sexual exploration was looked upon as sick and perverted, and so as a kid, I was terrified of sex and anything to do with it. Even watching an R-rated movie made me feel guilty.

I didn't lose that mindset until a few years ago, when I fell in love with a woman for the first time. All of my pre-conceived notions about sex and what was morally "right" flew out the window, and I realized that sex is a beautiful expression of love, and sometimes it's just a pleasurable activity. It's different for everyone who has it, and there is no "ideal" when it comes to sex. We are all individuals, we all enjoy different things, and how we enjoy sex is no different.
As long as the sex is safe and consentual between adults, I say explore your little hearts out!!!

It isn't shameful at all. It's beautiful and fun and I for one am thankful it exists.
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so glad u broke away & became free! u have alot of exploring & learning to do. hope u do alot of both :)

yes explore your heart out :) then we see babies without fathers and when you ask why she says the bastard left me
I know you mentioned safe sex but since you agree to do it outside marriage it cant be insure that can control to be safe sex every time
marriage is made to ensure women's right and preserve dignity to them

We can't herd people into boxes and dictate their every move and action. People will find a way to break out and do what they want. The best thing to do (in my opinion) is to let them be free, as long as they are safe, responsible, of-age, and aren't hurting anyone.

it is good you come to this realisation. some women really struggle with this and distroy their life

one of my EXs was catholic. he pushed me for sex so much and we were just freshman in highschool. i wouldn't give it to him which made him push for it harder. long story short, he cheated on me..had a ********* with a girl and her sister...in a church. interestingly enough all my EXs had religion of some kind. you can tell a boy only wants you in bed cause they'll say "i want to be with you forever". i am now married to an athiest(lack of religion NOT anti religion).we've known eachother for 4 years, are "highschool sweethearts" and even though were married we still have our cards. he never said that phrase but has shown it, and thats what a real man should do.

Thank you for this, I was raised in pretty much the same situation except my mother is Pentecostal, I'm recently thinking about moving in with my boyfriend and I can't even imagine how every one is going to react.

I'm glad you've had this revelation, and this goes out to all those who agree with the story as well. I mean no offense here but the catholic church has had this bad habit of misinterpreting the will of their own God. now I am by now means catholic but I spent a few years christian, and I can say with some certainty if you really look at how sex was depicted in the bible it was very much meant to be both enjoyed and explored. you CAN believe in God and still love sex, they miss that part in bible study though

I think it can be different for people at different times too. Sometimes for love, sometimes for lust, sometimes for lust with the one you love. I think given the realities of our busy lives, social mores and safety its best to find someone who can be in multiple roles when it comes to sex. Be a heart filled lover one day, role play a **** on another :)

Hi Rabbit,god that was like reading my own story,,i live in Ireland,i have 3 sisters,they were raped and abused,so was i,,we went to school been cained for anything to do with sex,everything was wrong and immoral,while the fecking church and a few of the feckers that were teaching us,were raping every child they could get their hands on,,i had terrible hands up because of these people,thank god it all out in the open now,,i have ended up ,i am bi sexual,i do not know has it anything to do with what happeded to us,,but i enjoy sex,i love it,

I couldn't agree more on this <br />
good story!

I also think that sexual exploration is important.. and healthy!<br />
************ isnt wrong, it's actually a good thing because it helps you be more familiar with yourself and comfortable with your body. <br />
There should be no shame in the body.<br />
It's your beautiful gift:)

Thanks for sharing that here, Ruby. :)

I agree. Follow your Heart. Too many people out there condeming us, just because by their sense<br />
of values, we are bad. Leave them with a young virgin and see what happens.

I agree entirely, as long as it's consensual, sex and sexuality is there to be explored and enjoyed.

Of course! I'm a lot like a rabbit, you know. Hence the name. ;)

I agree with you... sex is a part of being human. <br />
<br />
<br />
<br />
Enjoy!<br />
<br />
<br />
<br />
I just have to ask, though.... do you like to do it like rabbits? ;)