As Long As It Is Between Two Consenting Adults Anything Goes

We are sexual beings and as long as it is between consenting adults and with all the precautions taken to avoid the spread of any disease only the imagination should be the limit.
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In the city I live, everyone has sex with everybody within their friend's circle. Even a city can become too small in that case. "As long as it's between two consenting adults" hmm.. sounds like something a child perv might say to be honest. Not that I'm calling you that, just saying it's not so black n white. An over abundance of sex with random people can make it hard for monogamy. I would focus on communication and equal maturity as to what is being consented to. Not every adult is ADULT. People are equipped differently and a lot of us are emotionally fkd up and sexually dis functional.. and what is meant by sexual beings I mean we are also meant to eat foods but when you over indulge in anything look at Amercians. I'm all for everything in moderation and if you aren't a virgin by the time you get married if you ever decide on that so what! What I don't get are people who like various partners yet seek out an exclusive relationship. So having the same views about sex is important to ensure no hurt feelings that's if you give a rat's *** to other people's emotions apart from sexual desires.


RP - you are sooooo right - I don't know that we can predict all things before marriage just because we think we have tried or asked or done "everything" we can ahead of time.<br />
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I have had students ask me how long should they date someone before they get married... and I used this example, my brother dated someone for 6 years before they got married - they did all the "right" things and had all the "right" things going for them and they were divorced by their 2nd Anniversary. On the other hand, I know people that barely dated a month and have been married for 20 years - who knows?! There's no magic formula - not even when it comes to sexual compatibility!

Agreed. I think the biggest problem is that Religions condemn free sex, and that screws up people.<br />
A lot of people do not let themselves go, because religion says it is bad, no sex outside marriage,<br />
etc.etc. I think we should follow our feelings, rather than have rules imposed upon us. After all,<br />
Sex makes the world go round. A fxxxk a day keeps the doctor away. My favourite sayings.

Sex is an important part of life. It keep's the human race going which can be good or bad depending on how you look at it. I agree that as long as it is between to consenting ADULT's it is to be enjoyed and explored. You only live once so why not enjoy it. :-)

oo la la JC - the imagination is the limit - woohoo! I have a pretty vivid imagination - LOL!! Could be down right dangerous - well, that is, if I ever have sex again! LOL!!<br />
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I agree though, as long as it is consenting adults and precautions are taken - if you both want to do something - you should try it - you don't know until you try!<br />
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I think this is first story of this nature I have ever read of yours!! I have a whole new view of you! ; )<br />
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Just kidding!