I Think We Create Too Many Rules Around Sexuality

As far as one or more consenting adults go, I think if we just relaxed about who is doing who or what behind closed doors, we'd be a lot better off.

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13 Responses May 24, 2008

damn, you should have left this up - it was very thought provoking and interesting

So it this why so many women get pregnant and turn around and get an abortion only to regret it?
Then you're right. Instead people should be using more common sense with what they do with their bodies!

Rules around sexuality in modern American society? Are you serious? If anything, there is a downright free-for-all going on, with people doing whatever they want without regard to how their actions impact their loved ones (including children, if present) as well as those innocents who are involved with the other sexual partner. If anything we need to start thinking more carefully about the morality of our sexual acts and how our behavior affects others, even those we don't directly know. No one would argue that unattached consenting adults should be able to do what they want, so long as no deception is involved, but I think that constitutes the minority of sexual activity in America at this point.

Sex is one of the most natural acts and urges in the world. As long as it's between two consenting adults, it shouldn't matter who you are, male or female, and who you do....or how many for that matter! Yes, there are diseases and everyone needs to be careful about that, but as far as having sex, talking about sex, etc., if it's something you want, you shouldn't have to have worries about what others will think of you. It's okay for men to sleep with many women but as soon as a woman starts to sleep around, they are labelled. But in today's world, that is becoming less and less of a problem and to the point, in some cases, where a woman being labelled a ****, can be considered a positive thing!

I absolutely agree. If we spent more time minding our own business and stop trying to control everyone else, we would all be better off. If no one is coming to harm, and the activity is between consenting adults then we have no reason to comment or criticize.

We tend to confuse sex & love. Of course you have sex with the one you love but if it is your nature to be desirable to others it doesn't mean you have fallen out of love with your partner, wife or husband,. The firs thing you here if a spouse finds out the other has had sexual relations with someone else is "you don't love me anymore. which in my opinion is nonsense. Sex is sex, love is love, somewhere along the line we have put the two together. If more people recognized that then i believe we would have significantly less divorces, suicides, murders etc.. Another thing is the Churches and religion in general need to get out of bedrooms and back to the pulpit. It is strange how the Catholic religion can condone priests sexually abusing boys, but they get very upset if a spouse has sex outside the marriage. Many spouses have had spontaneous sex, no planning or schemeing involved and are made to feel guilty by what society has taught us, and I feel that is wrong, I know married couples who understand each others sexual needs and often will have sex together with others of like mind,,They don't divorce because the husband wants to pleasure another man or watch his wife being pleased by another man..As long as it is kept within socially acceptable levels of broadcasting the fact I think many cpls could be more open with each other. As it is a lot of cpls keep there fantasies to themselves and have to cheat to experience what they really want.

I agree with alot of what you sayed. the only problem is that it is condemnd by society and because of that you need to lie or hide facts to the person you are with and that by itself is bad for your relationship.

Thanks Mitch. I was wondering about that. So if over the years one spouce becomes less interested in sex than the other, they should get a divorce. That would certainly explain why the divorce rate is better than 50%.

I couldn't agree more. It's too bad how much people miss out on by being too consumed by what other people are doing or not doing. Do what makes you happy, to hell with everyone else ;)

Who has to approve of what you do.......<br />
If it feels good do it ........<br />
If you need or want to do it three or four times then do it......<br />
<br />
How does it go......<br />
Just do it....

sex is one of the greatest human acts there is. When you put away all caution and allow yourself to be free to enjoy all acts of sex..life turns into a great experience. I think that we as Americans allow arm chair experts control how we enjoy our lives. Have I done things sexual that others do not approve of?? Hell yes I have and I could care less!

I agree with you intrepidtraveler, but you know why. :)<br />
missalissa, you rock sister!

Too much candy makes you sick....and one man's meat is another man's poison.

I have another question for you... how do you feel about woman who sleep around? I mean, i think it's very unfair that when a woman has slept with more than say 5 men she's a ****, but when a man does it its "in his nature"!!! That's bull if you ask me! what makes woman so different from men except for our genitals?

well it is against womens nature to have sex with alot of people,
by human nature I mean biology I think it has something to do with being unavailable for sex because of pregnencies.
but in this modern world with birth controll and chit like it I think anything should go. also I am for woman seeping around cause that means more sex for everybody. what a good world it could be!!!!

Damn right , women have the control over men sex life . men strugle to join , but by only a feminine glance they handle it .