What Happened To The Passionate Sex?

My ex-partner used to complain about our sex life. She said that I am not interested of her. But whenever she felt horny and expressed it, i became horny too. Women think that if a man does not make the first move in sex, then he is not interested of her. Yes I know, a woman wants to feel that they are wanted. They expect that a man should show interest to them. Yes, I accept that in relationship but not in the sex. Sex is one of the primal instincts and you should not harness it with your expectations. The best sex I have had with my partners are the spontaneous ones. You know, those passionate moments, in which all the expectations are thrown into a carbage can and two persons become one in mind, body and actions. Sex happens when the time is right for the both. It does not happen according to a rule book.
mrwettdream mrwettdream
41-45, M
1 Response May 19, 2012

I like the points you make about spontaneity. There should be no calendar or date book for sex.