Why I Hate Blond Men

I hate blond men because they're all effeminate and gay.  Especially when they grow their hair long.  I told a long-haired blond guy the other day,  "You must be gay because you have long, blond hair."  You should have seen the look on his face!

Luckily, I'm a Catholic from Long Island, and neither the Catholic Church nor Long Island welcomes blond men.  Haven't  you seen all the check points on every highway leading into Long Island?  Any car bearing a blond man is forced to turn around.  And I knew a family who could  never get the Catholic Church to baptize its male babies because they are all blond.  They tried to say that the babies' hair would get darker when they got older, but yeah, right.  And I knew one guy who had to dye his blond hair red in order to be confirmed.  He's keeping it up in case it's found out that's he really blond, because then he might be excommunicated.  Why can't I find the "I Hate Blond Men" group?

This, my friends, is trolling!
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4 Responses May 31, 2012

Well, if you lived anywhere close to Germany in the 30's you would have been considered dead wrong :-) History repeats itself so chooses your words carefully you stupid *****.

I don't think it's trolling if you say it outright.

And yet, your profile claims you are very socially liberal and pro gay marriage and..... ??

Trolling idiot.