Get Over Your Self

I have run into many people on here who are constantly on the defensive in regards to sex.

I can say absolutely nothing about sexuality, and they, almost on a whim, mention "I'm not here to talk about sex or fetishes or blah blah blah."

It's kind of insulting to me, because there's nothing about my profile or experience groups that indicate that this would be my interest. So why do I have the onus of proving my LACK of sexual interest in a person?

At that point, I'd be lying anyways. I'm a man and sex is a topic on any honest mans mind, at all times, unless they're impotent or castrated. It's the biological imperative. It's what drives NEW LIFE. Why avoid it? Why not figure out ways to channel and direct it rather than put an obstructive wall in front of it.

So I wonder, are these obsessively restrained people just protecting themselves from their own unchecked, unfulfilled, rampant sex drive? Are they sexually attracted to me and stopping something that they anticipate might happen between us that they'd later regret?

In fact, the only reason I've joined this group is because I feel like I need an outlet for the karmic dump these rampant ego cases have taken on me. I didn't plan on joining any sexually related groups until a few people did a number on me.

Just because I'm a man and think about sex and could possibly be attracted to you, doesn't mean I'm actually going to act on it. There are so many fish in the sea. Why would I place all my hopes on some frightened, cloistered, walled up person online? Those qualities are totally unattractive.

Get over your self!

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@ SOS,<br />
<br />
I retired from my work in engineering where I used a program to analyze sound.. All it is is a spectrum analyzer.. the "input" (or the out of the :box") were fed into the microphone input of the lap-top.....this can be done on any lap-top.. the program even produces a signal which can be taken from the earphone terminal to any outside device.. in either case.. you need to understand what you are doing or you will damage the lap-top...<br />
<br />
The box I made had three was from an everyday Infra-red "gun" used by electricians to see hot spots in equipment..the other two were from a device used to measure blood sugar for those with diabetes..though this device needs no blood samples.. it reads "sugars" on the skin... which I modified a bit to read the "sugar(s)" side bands..... in this case estrus.... the three signals were then algebraically summed and produced spectrum shifts.. this is all the box did...<br />
<br />
Most humans are "aware" of estrus's presence because it is so common.. yet they fail to connect the dots...But in a given situation.. such as at a bar or club.. the awareness becomes peaked... so you know who to hit on..<br />
<br />
As my story here on EP states.. the box had its downsides.. such as the outside temperature.. it was not very good in hot weather... and in the end our natural traits work as well or many people are aware.. a woman in estrus has a "warm" spot... yes....!!! that is exactly where the antenna was pointed.. then it was pointed an any place where skin was showing.... the box did the rest....

hahahaha. this is amazing!

Wow this is sooooo amazing!!!! You made this machine, you are truely incredible Lou!!!
we already are in the science-fiction!!!!

Its not only because of being of any given sex.. Some time ago I built this "box".. there is also the story I wrote here on EP about this.. Anyway.. this box was sensitive to the presence of estrus..actually not a big deal.. The very directional antenna was made from a "pringals" potato chip can and all you had to do was point it and read the response on a lap-top.<br />
<br />
My friend Bill and I sat outside our Starbucks and read the people there.. If the woman wan't busy talking to someone... nearly all read as a "close" hit or as positive.. Many were positive when the looked at other people.. even other women.. Age had little to do with the readings... though many of the (older) ladies did manage a smile in our direction.<br />
<br />
But then.. who needs this box.. Bill and I made it a game.. where one would not see the screen and say.. yes... maybe.. or .. for sure.. and the other would say right or wrong. After a while we were each getting it right over 80% of our tries.. Did we ever act on this..?? No..<br />
<br />
Later.. after finding EP.. I played the same game with those I met here. My first profile did not have my correct age.. I used the medium age group.. I was flooded with "hits".. to the point I changed my profile to show my correct age as 70+.. With those I met then... which dropped drastically.. I kept the game going.. with nearly the same results and it didn't matter that they were "behind" a computer or miles away..<br />
<br />
We as humans have the ability to "sense" other humans.. And sex is one of our prime movers.. so they can run but they cannot hide.. no matter what sex they are.. Its just much easier to read women because of the estrus.... be they next to you or miles away and behind a computer...............<br />
<br />
......................................................... Lou<br />
PS.. I gave the game up long ago.........................even after reading and commenting on some of the "adult" stories.. which by the way I have never got a positive hit back.. I even thought of doing this at a much younger age group.. but then why do that... I'm just not interested...

wait, i'm confused -- how did the laptop receive any information?