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Anything They Can Do...I Can Do~

I don't write too many posts about sex and this will be one of the few. So, here it goes.
I've always been different from other women when it comes to sex. Perhaps this was because I was rasied around three heterosexual brothers who were much older and very sexually premiscuous. They were quite open and boastful about their sexual adventures with young women. My parents never cared one bit what they said or did. All of their lamenting was looked at with an attitude of "boys will be boys" and so it was. Clearly, I wasn't raised in a religious family. This was long before DNA and when some poor pregnant teenaged girl's mother would call my mother and claim that one of my brothers had gone and gotten her daughter pregnant, my mother always responded "absolutely not, the father is not our son, don't call here again!"
When I became of an age that I was interested in sex, I was treated a bit differently.....the fear of pregnancy and rape seemed to "matter" in my case.
I was unmoved by my parents attempts to keep me chaste. I fully planned to be just as sexually free and easy as any one of my brothers, regardless of what my parents had to say about it. When I was 12 or 13 I secretly got my hands on a copy of "The Sensuous Woman" and I was in heaven! I made that book my pocket companion and I memorized it~ I did not get raped or pregnant, I was savvy compared to my girlfriends. Having lived with my brothers and their carnal ways, I understood the male sexual mindset and sured up my defenses accordingly. No male had anything on this female, I was not about to be one of those poor pregnant girls who got left with a baby to rock before she was in high school. I knew my body and I knew my heart, I knew the differense between sex and love and this made me a sharp cookie for my day and time. The thing was...I fell in love with an older guy. He was sweet and kind and I loved riding around in his new car feeling like a grown woman at age 14. He might have been older but he wasn't very sexually sophisticated, he had been raised in a very strict traditional home, he had never slept with a woman in his life. To make a long story short, I married him at age 16 and we stayed married until age 24. The sex was infrequent and unrewarding, he was shy, withdrawn, and awkward about sex. His sex drive was very low as well. Mostly I walked around on fire with desire, this was just my nature. So, clearly... the marriage of course was doomed from the start.
When I finally left most uneducated women of my time...I left for another man. People don't change their tastes much, and I was no different, I left for another sweet guy (nothing like my wild womanizing brothers was still my biggest priority) The only difference was that this time I was upfront about myself sexually. Over the years I had come to know myself, to understand my needs, so, I told this man, "Look, I am not going to be faithful, I am going to do everything I ever fantasized about and anything else I can think up, and if you can't take it, don't keep me around. I am being honest because I never plan to cheat again, I hate a cheater and right now I hate myself!" The man looked at me with the kindest eyes and said "Fine, that's what you'll do then, I have no problem with that, I love you more than anything in the world, I never want you to change."
It took me 18 months to do what I wanted to do. You name it....if I found it erotic...I did it. I was pretty decent looking and I wasn't stupid. I had a sixth sense about who I could ask to "help" me with a project, and I never got hurt or harmed in any way. These were the days before the AIDS epidemic and I cannot tell you what a sweet time I had. Some of these adult adventures I shared with this man...some I did privately. Sex is so much more than bodies is multi faceted, sometimes tender, sometimes funny, sometimes seriously strenuous, sometimes creative and interesting, often amusing and true enough, sometimes not worth the trouble.
All in all, looking back, I have to admit, I think sometime in the mid 80's, I caught up to my brothers in my little sexual revolution. And yes...the man and I...we have made a life together for 30 years...I settled down and after all was said and done...I realized that I had loved the man since I met him when we were 12 years old. He just had to wait for the chip to fall off of my shoulder before I realized that I didn't need anyone but him to keep me completely satisfied in every way.
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Thank you for a heart-warming tribute to the flexibility, self-guiding, adventurous human spirit in you, and for the affirmation that in the end, what matters most is love.

what a piece of work ... u have a great way of writing really bravo !

this is the best coming of age story I've read in a long time if ever , you saved your best and shared it here . I suggest all parents should make an effort to educated their girls before they leave the house about what to expect and from where its going to come from . remember the book "everything you always wanted to know about sex but were afraid to ask" well I passed it down to my younger brothers and of course my aunt found it but what could she say its not as if she was giving out information .

Yes, I remember it well! :D Thanks for sharing and for your kind comments here. Bless you.

I used to be wild in this area when I was young but now I am saving myself for the right person to protect my heart.

You are smart to do what you feel is right for you. Stop by again FutureNutritionist~ :)

What an amazing adventure you had and are still having! I'm really jealous, in a very good way. Had I had the opportunities you had (bet you never looked at your childhood as full of opportunities, lol!) to be open and explore - ahhhh! Then again, there is a trade off, but that is for another group. Anywayyyyyy, in the past 3 years I've realized what my sexuality is, what I want, what I need, what I've missed. I've been opened up to new experiences and adventures and feelings that I either didn't know existed or hid deep inside myself. I'm trying to have the time of my life, to live fully the next 1/2 of my life but I'm not in an open marriage - no way in hell. <br />
<br />
Point is, I hope that young adults today are given the opportunity to know that there are OTHER ways to live and be just as happy as their parents, perhaps more happy. That sex is not wrong, that their bodies are temples to be explored and worshiped and enjoyed... on their own and with others. One does not have to be "promiscuous" (don't get me started on definitions!!) to be adventurous, to experience a sensual life. <br />
<br />
I say all of this because unlike you, hillbillycrone, I learned all of this way too late, and there is a price to be paid for that, too. I won't get into that here.<br />
<br />
Thanks for a great story. It's really cool that you and your husband have shared what you have, and have allowed one another to be open and honest and experience life. And have found one another to be the end-all be-all. I think it IS possible. I know it is. <br />
<br />
I need to go and read some of your other masterpieces!!

How very kind of you!! I thank you for sharing and I wish you every happiness and all the adventures you have ever dreamed of or ever will dream of!!! *hugs*

Another masterpiece hilly. Beautifully written, and wonderfully honest.<br />
You were so like the girl in my current story, you had an itch to scratch and you weren't afraid to scratch it.<br />
At the same time you were smart, careful, determined and honest.<br />
I admire you for being the young woman you were, and for managing it without regret.<br />
I admire the way you have shared that phase of your growing up with us so candidly.<br />
Great story I loved it.

Thank you so much Ari~ I am so happy that you enjoyed this~I always hold back on the sex stories...for some's difficult to know how graphic to wants to be bold but not so bold that you sound like a goof. One day I am going to write something in the mature section that is really raunchy...under another name! :-D

Hilly, the raunchiest story i've written here on EP. was Nude by Moonlight, which I know you've read.
That was a story about a sexual encounter, and the key part was describing a sexual scene. While i'm perfectly comfortable around sexual topics, I would not have wanted to be any more graphic than I was in describing that scene.
Writing about sex is very, very difficult to do well. Some of my favourite authors have tried it, and failed to impress.
There is just something, about describing how we, he, or she 'do it' or how
we, he, or she, 'did it' it's almost impossible to be unique, and to sound real.
It always seems to come across as an extract from 'The lovers guide' or worse like a piece of soft ****.
I think that setting the scene well, and just giving a few clues to the type of sex involved, then letting the reader imagine the 'gory details' according to their own preferences, is the best way to go.
Just my thoughts for what they're worth. I have to go read your moonlight story again....Yes! I remember this story well, but, this makes me want to go back to reread!!!! I do remember thinking that it struck a perfect balance, accented an erotic beauty but didn't get too mechanical about it all (which makes the magic fly right out of the window and over the moon everytime!)
I have written the heavier hard core stuff....but....THE NEXT always sounds a horny teen was having him or herself a little hot diary writing party~ :)

Great story. You are the greatest of ladies. You are a queen just as my Barbara. We are tied together my becoming on is spirit, mind and body. You are the greatest. Hugs Jerry

Well I thank you dear one, and bless you always and your Queen Barbara!

Loved this stori, makes me wanna explore my sexual desires more

Indeed, why not?

I think that if you don't do that....later'll wish that you had. It's very important to understand yourself sexually! There is something wild and beautiful inside of every woman, don't let it die before it's born...celebrate yourself and your desires before you get serious about any one person.

Veri true cause its all about getting to know ones body and im so always wanting something inside me so this is a perfect chance to explore all angles possible

You write well on this type of topic. You should write more on this subject or your experiences because you are good at it. Now with that said....It takes time to understand your own desires and to whom they are directed. I loved the fact you found Love at home and with the guy that has been there all along. Food for thought for all to ponder. The very one you want has always been there. Cool story! ;-)

I guess in my case I left home so young because of trouble with my Mom, it really had nothing to do with falling in love. In those days, you got married, so I got married to the first man that was kind to me..... I guess I was angry, bitter, and unwilling to commit when I first fell in love with my true life mate. I had been tied down by my Mom, then by my first husband, and I just wasn't going to be died down ever again. Thank Goodness it all came out the way that it did, I think many times, it doesn't end this way and women end up married again and again and still remain unsatisfied with their partners, everyone must find themselves sexually and every other way....and this takes a while~

everyone must find themselves sexually and every other way....and this takes a while~
That covers it quite nicely. Everything else will fall into place. ;-) I think you did Good!

LOVE this story!! I'm so glad you made and are making the trip so well.

I thank you kindly~ Drop in again if you like! :)

excellent story and very well wrote...i agree sex is more than just the lust and physical aspect. it's always good to read stories from a females perspective

Thank you so much for reading and for commenting, visit again anytime dix~

I total agree with you sex is a personal thing no one has the right to tell you who or when to have sex with not even a patner

Thank you for your insight here, most people are all tied up with the idea of owning a person....too tied up with that idea to embrace the truth of themselves or their partners true sexual identity, desires, and reality.

Well written story, that held my attention. Thanks for revealing your soul.

Ahhh thank you....we're all just going through a process here on earth...trying to get things figured out~ :-D

I must agree that sex can be so many different things, sometimes good (enjoyable) or bad and a lot in between. You remind me of my own sister, the ages weren't that far apart but she was determined to do anything I did, sexually or otherwise

Sounds like my kind of gal there, bless her heart!!! Thank you!

Sweet. I'm there also. Been a long time coming.

Thank you for reading this post and for your comment. Drop in again. :-)