Young & In Love With An Old Man

I am 21 yrs of age and have fallen in love with a 47 yr old man.
I am South African white and he is South African Indian. I love him dearly and he loves me. I was still a virgin until 3 weeks ago. It was something out of this world and I since have a deeper feeling for him.
He treats me well and spends most of his time with me. He is caring and loving and is always there for me. Is there other woman who are sailing the same boat? I'd like to hear from you.
Babrapayne Babrapayne
18-21, F
2 Responses Sep 6, 2012

Please don't get pregnant by him while you're having fun. Get your education and enjoy your life.

47 isn't exactly an old man..heehee. but anyway, i understand you. i was in love with someone much older than me once. love doesn't really know those boundaries.
still, you should be careful. take it as slow as you can, because at your age paraticularly, this age difference is significant. enjoy yourself, but don't let the love you feel blow your critical faculties out the window.